01.  I tried your new support briefs the other day and I think this is a great invention. I spent most of the day on the   road with a couple of meetings to go to and I felt great all day long. Thanks a lot for a job well done.

02.  I tried out your new invention and I must say these briefs are different. It took a day or two to get use to the new feeling. Never experienced support like these briefs, but I just want you to know that once I broke myself into them, “I loved them!” Good luck on your future endeavors!

03.  These briefs are all what you said they would be and alot more. Great invention! Thanks!

04.  I drive a taxi all day long and I sit a lot. These new underwear has really helped me! I intend to pass the word with my fellow taxi drivers.

05.  I have looked all over the internet looking for something to help me with my chafing. I have to use a lot of baby powder and my wife complains about me getting it all over the place. The baby powder works for a short time and then I have to put some more on. The guys at work call me powder pants. Well, I finally found your website and I ordered a couple of your briefs. I had my doubts about these briefs, but I was pleasantly surprised and excited too. Thank you so much for saving me from discomfort I have suffered with for over twenty years. By the way, the quys at work no longer call me powder pants and my wife is no longer cleaning powder up after me.

06.  I don’t understand why this invention was not invented a long time ago. It seem so simple and really does the job. Wish I would of thought of it. I’d be rich by now! Good Luck!

07.  When will this new invention come in other brands of briefs? Even though this pouch feels great in the Hanes brief I really believe I would feel even better if this pouch was made in my own brand of brief.

08.  Thought these briefs were a novelty and a joke until I wore them and found out for myself just how great they feel. The best way to describe the feeling id it’s like you are wearing a soft glove supporting your every move. These briefs are no joke…. their GREAT!!

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