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Jade Inventions has found a solution for men who suffer from the discomforts of inadequate support in a man’s brief plus so much more! Enjoy comfort never before experienced in a man’s undergarment.

We are introducing to the male consumer a truely unique invention made for men’s underwear. Jade Inventions has modified this new invention into the Hanes Brief and the Fruit of the Loom Brief and Boxer Brief. We have selected these two brands of briefs due to their popularity.

The Possibilities

What makes our pouch brief different from all the others is the A-D-J-U-S-T-A-B-L-E inner support pouch. Unlike the typical support brief and pouch brief in the marketplace today our new and unique man’s underwear adjust to the support that is just right for each mans needs.
No other brief can offer this. Each man is built different and has different needs. Why should a man’s underwear offer only a single support option for ALL men?
If you would like a more functional man’s brief instead of a more fashionable brief then the Adjustable Inner Support Pouch Brief is for you!
Try wearing this new undergarment for men and see for yourself the benefits it has to offer.

It is Jade Inventions goal to have our adjustable pouch made in many other brands of men’s briefs. If this new invention is incorporated into other brands of briefs this will make it possible for more men to be able to experience the comfort and support this pouch provides. This will also make this type of brief more available and more economical for all men.
Come join the rest of the many men who have tried our new adjustable pouch brief and found the comfort and support never before found in a man’s brief until now. You have nothing to lose but your discomforts! For the first time in history comes along a new design made in a man’s undergarment! A unique kind of support brief for men that has been invented to address the many issues that have plagued mankind for far too long!

The Many Challenges Of Growing A Business With Loans

The business today is very complex since it is now more of a global marketplace, so you are competing on a much larger scale. This makes it much harder for a small business to grow and expand unless they have enough financial backing withstand the rocky road ahead.

In the past credit was much cheaper and easier to get, which seemed like most businesses when first starting out used a lot of loans to get themselves up and running. Today it is a little more difficult since the business landscape has changed quite a bit and so have the regulations on banks when it comes to lending out money.

Unless you have almost perfect credit it is going to become very difficult to borrow money from a traditional lending source to get a business up and running. Even for established people in business they are finding it much tougher these days to secure financing unless they have well built corporate credit. So taking that into account many people today have tried to get their business ideas off the ground through crowdfunding and venture capitalism.

Nothing beats a great idea, and people will invest in you if they believe you have something that has the potential to be successful. The traditional ways of starting a business a long gone, so you must use every resource available to get your proposal out to the masses in order get the funds necessary to get up and running.

underwearGrowing a business simply through loans today is a very risky proposition because of the ever-changing economy. From one day to the next it seems the world is moving at a swift pace not knowing which currency to put their own money behind. This has created a lot of uncertainty in the business world, especially for people looking to borrow money for a new or existing business.

If your business is built on loans you are going to have a very tough time keeping the banks happy while you aren’t bringing in any profits. In the past banks were a little bit more forgiving and gave you time to pay back the loans, but nowadays credit is extremely tight with banks keeping a watchful eye on every single dollar.

The only people truly building their business on loans today are ones that already have established relationships with the banks. They have enough liquidity that if something were to go wrong with the business, the banks would be able to recover some if not all the money owed to them.

With so many new regulations on the books and laws protecting the consumer it is very hard for someone new to start a business. Your best bet is to borrow from family, through crowdfunding sources online or venturer capitalists check out www.whicradio.com for some other creative business funding ideas. Doing that you probably have to give up a piece of your business, but at least you have the opportunity to succeed. With strictly loans the pressure to repay them can sometimes be overwhelming giving you no chance to succeed.

As you can see today how hard it is to grow a business with or without a loan. The economy is not stable, so you have to really work hard to grow your business, especially if it is built on borrowed money.

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